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Fundraising Program for your Conservation Organization

I can help you raise funds for your organization.  The way it works is quite simple. I will photograph your projects or locations of your choice and make the photographs available for purchase by your members.  A portion of each sale is then donated by me to your organization.  This can be an ongoing program for your organization.

Here is how the process works.
1.  You designate the site or project area that you would like me to photograph.
2.  I photograph the site and make the proofs available to a designated member of your organization for approval.  The photos will be located in a private gallery folder on my website.
3.  After you have selected which photos to make available for sale, I make the folder accessible to your membership.
4.  You notify your membership that the photos are available for purchase as a fundraiser through an email campaign, through your email newsletter, through your website, and/or through your membership mailing.  It is probably best to set up a link on your website and send an email your membership so that the fundraiser notification is always available to your membership.
5.  Your members access the photos through the link in your email communication and/or your website and purchase the photos of their choice.  They will be helping your organization raise money.
6.  I am currently offering two sizes of photos, a refrigerator magnet and a coffee cup.  The refrigerator magnet and the coffee cup will be printed with the photo that your member chooses.  I am also offering a canvas gallery wrap option for the 8 X 10 photo, which has become quite popular.  The two sizes of photos that are offered are 5 X 7, and 8 X 10.  All can be ordered in matte or glossy and all are suitable for framing.

Looking forward to helping your organization reach its fundraising goals.

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