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Dove Season Report

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We had another memorable Dove season this year.  We started the season in Calipatria, in the Imperial Valley.  Arriving the afternoon of the day before the opener, we scouted the Game Bird Heritage fields east and north of town.  Saw lots of Dove, in some areas lots of White Wing.  We decided to start the morning at a field due east of town where we saw lots of Mourning Dove working in the afternoon.  Apparently lots of other hunters had the same idea!  Arriving about 45 minutes before shooting time, it was apparent that we were late from the headlights all around the perimeter of the field.  We set up at what we considered a safe distance from other hunters and waited for the first flight.  And waited.  Shooters in the middle of the field were getting a lot of shooting.  We saw a few birds and I dropped three.  After losing two of the three in heavy cover in the field, we moved to the northwest corner of the field and got into more shooting.  We left there about 7 and went to another area we call the "hobo camp", close to town but usually holding not only Mourning and White Wing but also Eurasion Collared Dove.  We finished the morning with limits about 8:30.  It was a fun shoot with a slow start.

On September 10, we traveled to Yuma to meet up with a group that we have hunted with for many years.  On Saturday morning, we started out along the Colorado River where we had experienced good shooting in past years.  It was not to be this year.  Out of seven shooters, we only scratched out about five birds by 7 o'clock.  One of our guys talked with a local farmer who was working at the end of the adjacent field, and he told us about a cut wheat field nearby.  We headed in that direction but never found the field.  After breakfast at Brownies, we stopped at Sprague's Sporting Goods to shop for things we didn't need.  I happened to strike up a conversation about Dove hunting with one of their knowledgeable staff, and he told us about an area south of town that we had not hunted before.  Later that afternoon, we headed out there for the afternoon shoot and immediately saw power lines loaded with Dove.  The afternoon shoot produced limits for those who could hit em, and fun shooting for those who count not.  We went back to the same area the next morning and pretty much had limit shooting for all.  The hunt ended with another memorable breakfast at Brownies and then the long drive back to San Diego.

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