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Artistic Experiment

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I've been experimenting with a plugin for Photoshop by Topaz Labs called Simplify.  The plugin also works in Aperture.  I've used it in both programs and don't see much of a difference between the two.  The choice depends on the source photo you want to alter.  Use of the plugin in both programs does not alter the original photo.  In Aperture, it creates a new version.  In Photoshop, the alterations create new layers.

This tool alters a photograph to make it look like a painting, drawing or other artistic creation.  It comes with a number of easy to use presets, all of which can be modified to suit your taste.  I found it very easy to use and am quite pleased with the results.  Some of the altered photos can be found on my Photoshelter site in the Artistic Creations collection.  Click this link to take a look.

Here is one I particularly like of an old broken fishing net on a fence post, found along the banks of the Henry's Fork in Idaho.  If you would like a print of this photo, simply click on the photo to go to a checkout page where you can select the size, finish and other options.

Thanks for looking!




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