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New Photos uploaded

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Just finished uploading photos from numerous trips taken this summer.  Lots of new photos of fishing locations in Idaho and Montana, including Silver Creek, Henry's Fork and the Madison.  I was also fortunate to get photos of the Halstead Fire near Stanley, Idaho, four days after it started.  It has burned over 175,000 acres since in one of the most scenic areas of the country.  Naturally caused by a lightening strike, it will take many years for this area to recover.


Irresponsible Article about the Stock Photo Business

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I ran across an online article that started out with this quote -

"A stock photography business is an incredible way to earn money and you will be surprised at how easy it really is. Before we talk about the benefits let?s talk about what the business is NOT about:

1. You do NOT need fancy or expensive camera equipment. 2. You do NOT need to be a professional photographer. 3. You do NOT need to have any web design or technical skills."

What would motivate someone to post this kind or irresponsible information?  We've all seen how the microstock agencies have eaten away at profits.  Now we have "experts" telling the unwary that the stock photo business ins "incredibly easy"?  No wonder that anyone with a digital camera is uploading junk to these microstock sites.


Royalty Free Images Available

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I have changed my pricing structure on most of my galleries.  Now many of the photos are available as "Royalty Free" for download and immediate editorial or advertising use.  Feel free to contact me to negotiate the use or price of any of my photos.



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I decided to try to shoot photos of wild Chukar last week in the Mojave Desert.  The Chukar is a game bird famous for its elusiveness.  Many desert travelers probably pass right by these wily birds without even knowing they are there.  Having hunted them in a certain area, I at least knew an area where I had a good chance to find them.  I got to the area a little after 2 in the afternoon and got set up, expecting to wait for an hour or more before seeing the first birds.  In about fifteen minutes, I started to hear the familiar call of the Chukar.

After scanning the rocks where I thought I heard the calls, I was able to spot the lookout bird.  I moved slowly into a position with my camera on a tripod, and got a couple of shots.  I continued to hear the birds as the afternoon wore on, but they sounded like they were in the next little canyon, so I moved my position.  As it turned out, I moved into the perfect location and vantage point to get some great shots of wild birds in their natural habitat.

I was using a Nikon 80-200 lens with a Nikon 1.4 teleconverter on my Nikon D700.  My tripod was a Monfrotto with a heavy-duty joystick-type ball head that uses a handle and lever for locking.  For each shot, I tried to get a bird in the center of my for focus, and in my haste, found myself continuing to squeeze the handle of the camera mount as I was shooting.  I was close enough to get what I thought were some great shots.  Needless to say, my haste did not contribute to good photography.

The final result was very disappointing.  Even with shutter speeds over 250 for most of the photos, I did not get the sharp clear shots that the lens and camera was capable of.  Always let the camera rest on the tripod and mount before pressing the shutter release.  Had I let go of the lever after getting the bird in the center of the shot, the images would have been sharp and clear.  So back to basics, always shoot with a stable platform, regardless of the situation.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 February 2011 00:09

Local Photos of Oceanside Pier

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Had a chance to get up to the Oceanside Pier this morning for some photos.  I forgot how nice that area is!  This is one of the best fishing piers in San Diego County.  In addition to Ruby's Restaurant at the end of the pier, there is a bait and tackle store midway down the pier.  It was a beautiful winter day with few people.  You can find a slide show of the Photoshelter gallery in the California section of Featured Photo Galleries on this site, or go to my Photoshelter site.  While waiting for spring up north, I'll be doing more local photo shoots over the next couple of months.  Come back and see!

Last Updated on Sunday, 26 January 2014 19:57

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